Best Surfschool Canary Islands



What is the basic lesson plan?

We organize your lesson time the day before allowing us to consult the most accurate forecasts; giving us a good idea of where and when the waves will be best.

Unless you wish to drive along with your own car we will pick you up and drop you back at your accommodation.

Beginner surf lessons often consist of a 5mins of theory and 15mins 'Surf-Yoga' training on the beach before entering the water. If you have any doubts or questions please ask as this is your time and as long as your queries are about surfing we will be happy to answer them! 

Your instructor will accompany you in the water to help you catch as many quality waves as possible. (as opposed to watching and whistling at you from the beach)

We strive to teach our beginner clients in ideal conditions: small unbroken waves and not the white-wash to give our clients a more rewarding and authentic surfing experience.

All necessary equipment will be provided along with a beach snack and refreshments.

How long does a lesson last?

Generally, a 1 on 1 lesson will last about three hours, whereas a small private group will carry on for circa three to four hours including transport.

All surf lessons consist of up to two hours surfing time, or until all participants are completely exhausted and satisfied.

What will i need to bring?

You are advised to bring sunglasses, a towel, swimwear and your phone for beach selfies.
Specific sun screen is also advised in case you have particularly sensitive skin.

Can my family and friends come along to watch?

Yes. everyone is welcome to join as long as there is space in our surf-mobile or your friends and family have their own means of transport.

What size wetsuit am I?

Usually, men's and children's wetsuits have the same sizing system as t-shirts.
Women's wetsuits sizes as follows:
XS t-shirt = size 4
S t-shirt = size 6
M t-shirt = size 8
L t-shirt = size 10
XL t-shirt = size 12

Which languages can you speak?

Trystan speaks fluent English and Italian. Moderate Spanish, Polish and French.

However, he has experience coaching Chinese, South Korean and Japanese clients successfully by using hands-on and simple practical explanations.

How long will it take for me to stand up and surf a wave?

Thanks to over 15 years of international surf coaching experience Trystan's method of coaching is so simple and effective that the majority of OGC clients stand up and ride green waves within the first 20mins of surf time!

What is the minimum / maximum age to participate in a surf lesson?

All OGC surf lessons are tailor-made for private groups or individuals enabling us to offer lessons to children as young as 5 years old. Children 12 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

There is no set limit, so it is entirely up to you! 

Trystan has had the delight of teaching three physically fit Welshmen in their mid-seventies; all of whom succeeded in standing and riding waves to the beach during their first session.

How should I prepare for my surf holiday?

No preparation is necessary however should you wish to improve your stamina you could start swimming laps at your local pool and or balance on an 'Indo board' or skateboard to improve your stability and technique.

How can I tell where I am in my surfing and what I should be working on to improve?

Take the OGC surf quiz for an accurate analysis of your surfing ability. 

By taking the quiz you will allow us to have a greater understanding of your skills and needs permitting us to better coach and guide you.

Please be honest with your answers!!